Happy Birthday Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper!

Alice Cooper the Band at the London Zoo, January 1972: Neal, Vince, Michael, Dennis & Glen

Michael Bruce, rhythm guitarist and songwriter for the band called Alice Cooper was born on this day, March 16th, in 1948. Happy Birthday, Michael!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper!”

  1. Cheers Gail 🙂

    Yep, happy birthday indeed to Mr Bruce, the song-smith legend of the Alice Cooper group…

    ‘Be my lover’ is particular genius 🙂

    Wishing yer great things,

    Brigs, and all us Super Punk Muffins 🙂

    1. Happy B-day MB & many happy Healthy & Rockin’ more!! & TY you for that unbelievable night back in 73!! B$B!!! much love to you, Debbie xo

  2. Hi Mike
    Happiest Birthday from Neal’s old Phila nurse that used to play pool with ya’all at Galesi 1972-1974… Still love u guys and the music! Allida definitely congrads on Hall of Fame! You all were always famous to me!

  3. Happy Birthday, Michael! As with all of the band members I’ve met, you were very sweet and cordial. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and an equally fantastic year ahead!

  4. The photo is from Chessington Zoo June 29th, 1972. The information on Getty Images is wrong.

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