Last Rites Gallery Presents Michael Mararian’s Snow White

Snow White Grows Up (Image Source)

One of my favorite artists, Michael Mararian, has an awesome solo show, which opened last night and is currently running at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. Snow White features modern, Gothic-tinged interpretations of the famous fairytale princess and her seven dwarf companions as filtered through the artist’s darkly comic sensibilities. What adds to the delightful creep factor of these paintings is the fact that Mararian’s “Dwarves” are actually precocious children, some of which are mischievously participating in deviant or somewhat “adult” behavior (example: “Sleepy” is shown having passed out on the floor from an overdose of Absinthe). All eight images in the show can be viewed online at This Link, but are well worth seeing in person to appreciate the details, including finely drawn vintage wallpaper backgrounds that add great depth to select paintings. Michael was at the opening last night and it was cool to finally meet him after being a fan for years. He is super nice and I wish him great luck with this excellent new series.


Michael Mararian’s Snow White Runs through March 12, 2011 at Last Rites Gallery, Located at 511 West 33rd Street (West of 11th Ave) in NYC. Gallery Hours are Tues-Fri 2-9pm, Sat 2-9pm, Sun 2-6pm.


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