Starbucks Announces Two New Drink Sizes

Forget about Tall, Grande and Venti, Starbucks has two new sizes: Plenta and Micra. The Plenta is a 128-ounce drink for caffeine addicts who can’t get enough coffee, and for those who need just a tiny sip, you can get the 2-ounce Micra. And don’t worry about all that paper waste from the new Plenta sized-cup, Starbucks says you can reuse your gigantic Plenta cups in a number of useful ways including as a planter, lampshade or yoga block.

0 thoughts on “Starbucks Announces Two New Drink Sizes”

  1. Seriously? .. $tarbuck$ charges, on average, $0.34 per ounce for their coffee drinks. Multiply that by 128 and you have a cup of Joe for about $44.00…?

    then again, this is April….

  2. I hope this is an April Fools thing…nobody needs to be around anyone jacked up on 128 ounces of Starbucks! Yikes!

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