Nirvana Release Nevermind

On this Date, September 24th, in 1991: Nirvana released its sophomore album, Nevermind — a record that was inarguably responsible for bringing alternative rock into the mainstream. Nevermind would enter the Billboard 200 album chart at 144, peaking at Number 1 in January of 1992.

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  1. I’ve been debating this with everyone, and everyone hates me for it, but I can’t BELIEVE how much press this is getting lately. Like, OK, great album. Whatever. But if he was alive, I doubt Nirvana would get as much credit as they do. I like all of their albums, but Kurt is ON RECORD stating that he was just trying to copy Pixies when they were first starting out. That really bothers me. Sonic Youth and Pixies should get a large slice of this loving that Nirvana is currently celebrating.

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