This Day Goes To Eleven

Hello and welcome to 11/11/11. Here are Some Fun facts about Today’s very signifant date!

According to numerology, each number holds a unique vibration with associated traits attached to it. One and two symbolize masculine and feminine energy, respectively, with one deemed as “the creator.” When repeated, one becomes 11, which is considered the Master Number, representing rebirth and, you guessed it, new beginnings.

When broken down into separate digits (1+1=2), the number 11 resonates with the number two and, therefore, takes on additional attributes. Today is plush for matters of the heart, since 11 is commonly associated with intuition, inspiration, compassion, and tolerance, while two, the number associated with feminine energy, embodies union and partnership.

Today may be an extra lucky day to gamble, given how many games include 11 in favorable ways. Eleven is a very desirable hand in Blackjack, causing players to double down and increase their potential winnings. In Craps, 11 is just as good as the favorable seven on an initial roll. Eleven is reportedly a popular lotto number as well—no doubt because of all its vibrating power

With the presence of three 11s in the date, feminine energy is strongly at play—promoting awareness, cooperation and healing on a global scale. Today, a movement called Global Pause for Peace is asking spiritual communities around the world to gather in ritual, prayer and meditation to harness today’s harmonious energy and raise the global vibration.

Today is also Armistice Day (Veteran’s Day in the US), marking the end of World War I, when Germany and the Allied nations called for resolution on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Some hotels and resorts in the U.S. are using today’s special date to pay homage to men and women who’ve served in the military, with special discounts and donations to the USO.

In terms of astrology, we are currently transitioning into the 11th house of the zodiac—the age of the Aquarius. Progressive and intuitive, the sign rules technology, humanitarianism, philanthropy, nonconformity and idealism. According to astrological predictions, a wealth of new information will dominate the coming months.

You may have to be a mathematician to get excited by the numerical tricks that 11—which is the sixth prime number—can perform: When multiplied by itself, the number 11 equals a palindrome every time—from 11 x 11 (which equals 121) to 1,111,111 x 1,111,111 (which equals a pleasing 1,234,567,654,321) and beyond.

Couples worldwide have long hitched their marital fortunes to special dates, signing their nuptials on ones that bear the same number for the month, day and year. Wedding industry experts believe it’s a combination of superstition and meaning that make them so desirable, but many couples simply want an unforgettable anniversary date. According to David’s Bridal, 57,000 ceremonies will take place today, surpassing the 39,000 weddings that commenced last year on 10/10/10.

It’s also officially Nigel Tufnel Day! Eleven, Man!

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