Floor Tom Refrigerator

Floor Tom Fridge

I found this photo of a mini-fridge made from a modified Floor Tom Shell posted on the FaceBook page of a friend. I knew immediately that I needed to steal it for this blog, so that it could join the legions of posts about drumkit cakes and drumkits made from discarded barrels and snare drum lamps. I did a lot of Googling on this item and I couldn’t find an original image source or a vendor/price, so it you happen to have any further information on whether this item is real or Photoshopped (in which case, nice job!) please leave it in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Floor Tom Refrigerator

    • Hi P and thanks for your comment — If you read the post thoroughly, you’ll see that I snagged the photo off a friend’s FaceBook Page and I couldn’t find any further information on this via Google. So, I don’t know for sure if it’s a prototype, but I suspect so. — G


  1. Yeah, I know. I was just hoping you could follow up on it and let me know what you find since I don’t have that facebook friend.


  2. It’s a Photoshop! I have the original file, and I’m the author of this image. A prototype was given to an artist. The idea is still on paper because we don’t have investors yet! Cymbag.com


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