Video Clip of the Week: Milk Music, “No, Nothing, My Shelter”

Ten Things I thought about while watching the Video for Milk Music’s video for “No, Nothing, My Shelter”:

1. My Favorite Pair of Black Ankle Boots
2. Burning Man
3. Joshua Trees
4. The Joshua Tree (Album)
5. Those Hilariously Awful Student Films We Made Back in College
6. College in General
7. The Stage Make Up of Various Members of Kiss
8. The Desert
9. All Desert Scenes From Breaking Bad
10. Drugs

Like The Beatles before them, Milk Music has decided to stop doing live performances. Here is their statement to that effect:

“We, Milk Music, have decided to not plan anymore live performances for the foreseeable future. This is an artistic decision and should not reflect on our existence as a musical group. We’re currently exploring the wonders of video, as well as recording our next record, Mystic 100’s, a possible double album of intense beauty. A series of videos shall follow its release”

So, it’s not like you have nothing to look forward to. Enjoy!

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