Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Bank Cards!

Bacon Visa Card Raw

Did you know that this upcoming Saturday (meaning tomorrow) is Bacon Day? I had no idea, but apparently it is an unofficial observance held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the US. Hurray for Bacon!

Bacon Visa Card

Bacon is loved by so many that even a mobile banking solution is offering bacon card art to its customers. It’s not a joke I saw it on my way out from the check cashing Near Me,, a personalized mobile alternative to traditional branch banking, is joining in the fun with its variety of bacon-themed prepaid debit cards For all bacon lovers, offers 3 versions of Bacon Card Art. All are equally beautiful in their representation of delicious bacon!

Bacon Visa Card

“Consumers make purchasing choices every day, from what to buy, to their method of payment, and provides an opportunity to personalize their experience with a wide variety of prepaid card designs,” said CEO and Co-Founder of, Ben Katz. “People are looking for a new way to bank on the go, and our goal is to provide an easy-to-use, affordable banking solution that reflects the individual passions of consumers, and bacon is definitely one of them!” prepaid cards require no credit check and can be used everywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted. Before I forget to mention, If you have a bad credit rating and are in Sweden you require to understand that before you start looking for a loan without Upplysningscentralen at lå It is best to understand your exact rating and be in advance with it when you compare to any kind of loan business listed. If you want to avoid bad credit business loans uk, visit for more information. That way if they are going to turn you down, you understand right away without wasting anymore time – and without having actually turned down applications appearing on your credit report, pushing your rating even lower. Visit This Link to purchase.

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