Video Clip of The Week: Tijuana Panthers, “Torpedo”

This week, The Worley Gig is happy to present our second-only-ever encore appearance by a band in the Video Clip of The Week spot as Tijuana Panthers once again grace us with their most rocking performance for “Torpedo.”

One thing is certain, Tijuana Panthers not only know how to bring the rock, but this LA-based trio also know it’s important to keep things simple and focused without a lot of bells and whistles. The big drums sound of “Torpedo” is going to incite a hip shake while the frantic, Black and White visuals of Vintage Race Cars, Destructive Flooding, Submarines, Plies of Alligators, and the Great White North will make you wax nostalgic for whatever it is you get nostalgic for. Highly entertaining! As an aside, we hope you remembered to set you clocks a back one hour!

“Torpedo” hails from the band’s recent release, Wayne Interest, available now via Innovative Leisure records. Check out Tijuana Panthers west coast tour dates below. Enjoy!

Tijuana Panthers Tour Dates

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