Video Clip of The Week: Lucy Billings, “Carry The Water”

Nashville-based songwriter Lucy Billings and her producer John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter) wrote a song calling for “many more wells all over the world” to enable all people to have access to clean water.
The inspiration for the song came to Lucy after learning that over 780 million people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. In some parts of the world because so much of their time is spent collecting water, women are not able to achieve higher levels of education, if any at all, nor are they able to learn skills to earn jobs. This means that they cannot contribute income to their families and villages. Consequently, those families and villages suffer economically and cannot grow.

Lack of clean water is not just one of the greatest public health threats around the world, it could be the key to unlocking economic hurdles to the advancement of developing and some not-so-developing third world countries. A fact that most first-worlders may not be privy to, at least not until now. Lucy asked acclaimed filmmakers Molly Secours and Jeff Wyatt Wilson to create her music video for “Carry the Water.”

“Carry the Water” is also the title track to her third self-released and self-financed 13-song collection. Lucy’s growing oeuvre of honest observations of the modern human experience somehow make even a protest song soothing. The clarity and confessional strength of her voice commands it and song structures support. Joining forces with global nonprofits Blood:Water and Amman Imman: two non-profit organizations that are devoted to creating sustainable means of increasing clean water access for people in developing countries just makes sense at this point for Lucy.

The artist is raising funds to support the work of these organizations through sales of “Carry the Water,” through her live performances and other appearances. Join the cause. “Carry The Water” is available on iTunes. Enjoy!

Carry The Water

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  1. Thanks for bringing home the reality that most of us take for granted: clean drinking water should be available to everyone everywhere.

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