Yes, It Exists: Cherry Print Dog Dress

Cherry Dog Dress
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OK, is it just me, or is this thing completely insane? It’s a little cherry-print dress that looks like it’s for a baby girl (in which case it would be adorable), but, it’s for a dog. A dog dress. I’ve heard of dog sweaters, which can actually help a short-haired dog stay warm when outside in a cold climate, but a fancy baby girl’s dress that is meant to put on a dog is just… ridiculous– and also, a little sad.

Dog Halloween Costumes, that I can get behind; because it is supposed to look silly and fun, and it is for one day a year. But to dress your pet like a baby in its everyday life is not a sane thing to do. What is even more mind blowing to me is that this dog dress has 176 Five Star Reviews! Some of them even have pictures of the dogs wearing the dress. Check it out!  On the plus side, it sells for only $4.99. What a bargain!

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