Video Clip of The Week: Kostabeat, “All The Way Jose”

As cold and rainy as it’s suddenly become here in NYC, summer could be months in the past instead of just a few weeks behind us. Fortunately, it is possible to recapture summer’s eternal essence with the charming video for “All The Way Jose”, which comes to us courtesy of Kostabeat — the collaboration of artist/musician Mark Kostabi and percussionist Tony Esposito. Grounded in a very strong Steely Dan vibe (think:“New Frontier”), “All The Way Jose” perfectly captures a sunny, carefree afternoon, as we follow a days’ adventures of an attractive lady who’s smitten by an equally good looking man of mystery.

Kostabeat Screen Shot

Filmed on location in Rome, “All The Way Jose” features Grammy award-winning opera singer Greesi Desiree Langovits flawlessly lip syncing to Elizabeth Lo Piccolo’s original vocals, with Italian actors Vincenzo Martucci and Giovanni De Filippas playing the parts of her bodyguard and love interest, respectively. My favorite part is where Langovits, whose performance is spot on, cracks herself up at the 1:30 mark. She is just adorable and totally rocks a very uniquely-groomed set of eyebrows! Watch for Mark Kostabi’s cameo (checking his Instagram feed in a cafe), and stay tuned for the surprise reveal at the end!


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