Video Clip of The Week: We are Scientists, “Too Late”

Good Morning and Happy Sunday to You! Listen, do you like looking at cute boys, and also supporting important social causes, such as Saving The Bees from extinction? I say yes to both! If you feel similarity, perhaps you will particularly enjoy this weeks video clip, “Too Late” by Brooklyn-based pop band, We are Scientists. Vocalist Keith Murray has that unisex adorable factor down, and, despite the ominous title, the song is very upbeat, with a spiritual bent but still kinda silly. Just watch it and tell me it’s not pretty darn cool on many levels. Save the Bees!

“Too Late” can be found on We are Scientists‘ fifth album Helter Seltzer (oh, the cleverness) which is out digitally on April 22nd and physically on June 3rd, 2016 via 100% Records. Enjoy!

We are Scientists CD Cover

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