Video Clip of The Week: Bleeker, Highway

While my days of hypersexual girl-fandom are far behind me, I’ve still got a pulse. One look at this week’s featured Video Clip, “Highway” from Canadian power-trio Bleeker, prompts me to declare that these three hot young guys playing some seriously hook-sharp rock should be out there stealing the fans away from Justin Beiber and similar nad-less dweebs at a fairly steady clip. I mean, why not? Come on ladies, get with the program!

The wildly exuberant video for “Highway” features a collection of behind-the-scenes and live footage from the band’s recent tour as well as day-to-day life for  vocalist Taylor Perkins, Guitarist Cole Perkins (yes they are brothers) and Bassist Mike Van Dyk. Aurally, Bleeker valiantly hijacks blues-based rock, infusing it with a rousing power pop energy mixed with a visceral rock swagger that just can’t be denied. Simply stated, this band is hot stuff!

“Highway” is the featured single off the Bleeker’s debut self-titled EP, which has already racked up over 500k streams on Spotify,  and garnered radio play on stations in the U.S. (KRXP, KFMA, WBUZ), Canada (HTZ FM, The Wolf), and Germany – wow! Those Germans: they love the Rock.  Like Bleecker — and find out when they are touring — on the FaceBook at This Link! Enjoy!

Bleeker Band






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