Video Clip of The Week: ASG, “Execution Thirst”

Do you like to Rock? I sure do. And while I often try to provide you with a gentler segue into consciousness to make up for all of the intense Saturday night partying that you are (hopefully) doing, this being the Sunday of a leisurely long Holiday weekend, I figured you’ve  slept-in and can handle a little headbanging this morning, or this afternoon, whichever time it is for you. You’re welcome.

This week’s Sunday Jam comes to this space from North Carolina riff-rockers ASG, who share the official video for their song “Execution Thirst.” To me, ASG sound like Perry Farrell fronting Turbo Negro. If that sounds exciting to you, it should. It seems that fans of music that rocks hard enough to crack a skull have been gradually desensitized by longterm exposure to the relentless shitty lameness of some modern music that would attempt to slip in under the Hard Rock mantel, but don’t be fooled: ASG is, as they say, the Real Deal. We’re talking thunderous, propulsive drumming and riffs that would make Lemmy smile down from heaven. Visually, the clip is and artfully-directed black and white montage of tour footage that cuts between the band performing onstage is front a crown that really gets is, and images of a dessert landscape. The entire clip clocks in at just under three minutes. Excellent.

“Execution Thirst” can be found on ASG‘s sixth full-length release (and their first new album in five years!), Survive Sunrise, which is due out on June 8th, 2018 via Relapse Records. You can order it now at This Link! Enjoy!

ASG Album Art

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