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Do you know what the most important sentence of an essay is? It’s the one that contains a thesis statement. A thesis is the foundation on which your essay stands. It makes your paper organized and entices the readers to go through the rest of your piece. A weak thesis statement spoils your entire paper. Hence, your thesis statement must be perfect like the ones at

Developing a solid thesis is difficult and can leave you scratching your head. This article shares the necessary steps to come up with a strong thesis statement for writing a powerful paper. But let’s first understand what a thesis statement is and types there are. If you’re ready to give this task to professionals, you can always find best essay reviews on the website

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the central point of an essay or research paper. It usually appears at the end of your essay introduction and states the main idea you want to communicate in a simple and concise way.

It explains to the readers the purpose and direction of your essay and helps them understand what they can learn from your paper. Any professional essay writer online knows that a good thesis should engage the reader and set them up for the rest of the essay.

Types of Thesis Statements

Depending on the kind of essay you are writing, a thesis statement can be one of the following:

  1. Argumentative Thesis: This type of statement is a claim that deals with a debatable topic and lets the writer take a stance. An experienced essay writer online would have to present the best evidence and examples in the essay to convince readers about their opinion. 

Ex: Exploring space and Mars is a waste of resources; the government should spend funds on solving issues on Earth, including poverty, diseases, and climate change.

2.  Explanatory Thesis : Instead of a personal opinion or claim, the explanatory or expository thesis presents the main factual statement you explain in the essay.

Ex: The primary components of a healthy student lifestyle are a nutritious diet, 8 hours of sleep, and daily physical exercise.

4 Effective Steps to Craft a Solid Thesis Statement

1. Choose an Essay Topic

Since you have to know what your paper is about before developing a thesis statement, the first step is to brainstorm an essay topic. If you are already assigned the topic, you can leave this step and move to the next. If not, you can select a topic you are passionate about and would love to research and explore further.

Make sure your topic deals with a specific issue and that there are credible resources to research. You can also have the best write my essay for me service compose a high-scoring paper for you.

2. Phrase a Question

Now that you know your essay topic, it’s time to compose your thesis by developing a question out of the topic. You will be answering this question in the body of your essay.

Let’s say you want to write about climate change. Your question may look like, “What are the impacts of climate change?” or “Why should we unite to fight climate change?”

Now, if you are saying, “I would rather have someone write my essay,” you can hire writers online for high-quality assignments.

3. Develop an Answer

The next step would be to research the initial question and formulate a short answer. This answer would help you inch closer to composing a strong thesis statement.

For example, if your question was, “What is the impact of the internet on education?” you can write this answer– “The internet has transformed education through remote learning and accessible information, which has been revolutionary for the e-learning industry.”

An essay writer online would suggest you choose an answer that you can support with examples, case studies, and facts.

4. Refine Your Statement

Writing a strong thesis statement is a process, and you need to refine it as you move further in your research and narrow down arguments. Hence revise and edit the above answer continuously to ensure you are satisfied with it. Here are some tips you can follow to compose a powerful thesis statement:

  • Make sure your thesis points to only one idea and doesn’t lose focus by including secondary arguments.
  • Articulate your statement in one or two sentences using the least number of words to make it concise.
  • Ensure the thesis statement isn’t too general but deals with a specific case. You can use specific numbers like “48% increase in social media usage” instead of saying “rise in social media users.”
  • Avoid technical jargon and complex words to make your statement simple and clear so that a layman understands what your essay is about.
  • Take help from an essay writer online and get the best essay with a solid thesis.

Summing Up

A thesis statement is the backbone of your essay. You can follow the above steps to write a good thesis that perfectly sums up your paper. Any experienced essay writer online would advise you to develop the thesis statement before writing the paper. It gives you a clear roadmap and helps you proceed in the right direction for composing an impressive essay. occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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