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Video Clip of The Week: Penguin Prison, “Never Gets Old”

My choice for this week’s Video Clip was influenced heavily by Geoffrey, whose favorite local music act is a “dance band” in called Penguin Prison. Chris Glover is sort of the Trent Reznor of Penguin Prison, in that it is a one-man outfit with a hired band for live shows. Because doing it yourself means never having to compromise, and we respect that.

The video for “Never Gets Old” features Chris and his real grandpa, Ross Glover, packing in every type of activity one can think of doing at a retirement community (aqua aerobics, bingo, racing around on a golf cart, karaoke, croquet and bocce ball) and ending with Grandpa Glover on the DJ decks.

Says Chris: “I wanted to make a music video with my 90-year-old grandpa who lives in a retirement community in Florida, since the song is called “Never Gets Old.” He is a really cool guy — he was in World War II and received three purple hearts and now he plays bocce everyday and rides around in a two-person bicycle with his wife Alice.

Chris elaborates: “The concept is that I live at the retirement community in the house next to my grandpa and we do all kinds of crazy activities everyday. Later on we bust out in a convertible and drive to Miami and crash a pool party. Making this video was a good excuse for me to go visit my grandpa and do a bunch of crazy things with him and document it all on film. When we were driving around Miami in the Mustang, the top was down and then there was a torrential downpour out of nowhere. My grandpa got drenched but he thought it was funny to tell everyone about it later.” I love that story

Penguin Prison’s latest album, Lost in New York is available now where all fine music is procured. Enjoy!

Never Gets Old Still