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Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Pillow of the Elements

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Buy This Pillow (Only 1 availble, so act fast!) for just $35 at This Link.

Courtesy of Found Shit!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pig Chair Sculpture

Pig Chair By Pavia Burroughs

While this unique soft sculpture initially appears to be a sofa (due to its overall size and shape), a closer look reveals that this extremely cleverly designed Pig Chair isn’t really a couch, but more of a Love Seat (for two very skinny people) at best.  At any rate, it looks soft and comfy and is certainly a fantastic conversation piece. According to designer Pavia Burroughs (who created “Hillhock,” she she calls it, as part of her senior design thesis) the chair is, “completely hand stitched, upholstered in dusty pink velvet and pink satin, sports two hand carved walnut hooves and two glass taxidermy eyes. His entire body has been padded with 2″ upholstery foam. Being mostly carved from insulation foam, he is surprising light weight and durable. He could easily be picked up by one average adult (except for his awkward shape). His underside is covered in bottom cloth, making him easily pushed around a room.”

The chair sold on Etsy for $950 (pick up only on site in Philadelphia)!

Rad Website of the Day: Pop Culture Princess!

Going to the mail box each day is always an exciting adventure. I never know what goodies I’ll find awaiting me there in the way of new CDs, DVDs or books to review for this here blog. Every day is Christmas when you’re me! Free stuff! Yesterday, though, I was quite surprised to receive a small package from an address I did not recognize. I opened the package to find a box containing the most beautiful bracelet made from two strands of pale pink glass beads interwoven with small, colorful shiny bits that, upon further inspection, proved to be pieces of ‘repurposed’ compact discs. Innovative! An enclosed card explained that this bracelet was a gift from my friend Joan (also known simply as J) as a token of her appreciation for my long-running “Pink Thing of The Day” blog post series. It’s nice to have fans!

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Bacon Thing of The Day: The Mona Bacon Postcard!

Mike Geno is an amazing artist who specializes in creating works of art based on meat. I am not generally a fan of realist painting, but Mike’s work really is top shelf! Mike has just created a fun item designed for all bacon lovers: the Mona Bacon Postcard, sold in packs of five for just $5.00 in his store over at Etsy.com! Postcards measure 4×6″ and are professionally printed in full color with the back side left blank for inscribing your own personalized greeting!

Here’s what Mike has to say about the new postcards:

“Originally, I designed this image for an exhibition I curated called The Bacon Show (Meat Artists Blogspot), which celebrates the glory of bacon. I recently realized this [card] makes sense for lots of occasions, like thank you cards, birthday cards, apology cards, even after first date cards…and “good luck on going vegetarian” cards too!”

These cards are pretty cool and almost sold out, so you’d better haul your bacon-loving ass over to Etsyright now and pick some up!

Thanks to Bacon Today For The Tip!

Coffin Couch

Coffin Sofa
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Why not enjoy the comfort of the afterlife today? Through the miracle of modern carpentry you too can have your own earthly piece of heaven. This little gem has a velvet covered thick foam cushion and classic metal spring construction seat. It folds up to a fully shut position. Available in purple, red, or black fabric. Sells for $8,000, plus shipping, from Von Erickson via Etsy.