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Nutaku Adult Gaming Platform Hosts Hentai Is Art Press Event!

Bushwick Street Art Box Truck
Hentai-Inspired Art on Box Truck, Bushwick, Brooklyn (Art By MAST, All Photos By Gail)

Having lived in NYC for 30 years, it’s easy to be all jaded and imagine that I’ve seen just about everything. But writing this blog always affords me an opportunity to discover something interesting and fun. Getting to know the works of Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami and Mr. introduced me to Manga, a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, but I wasn’t really hip to something called Hentai, which is, essentlally, Manga porn, until I was invited to a pretty fun party sponsored by Nutaku Dot NetNutaku is the world’s largest English gaming platform dedicated to 18+ titles — and Hentai games are their thing. I like to tell myself: It’s not about what you don’t know; it’s about what you don’t know that you don’t know. And I’m always ‘game’ for an enlightening experience!

Hentai Is Art Signage

There is most definitely a taboo surrounding adult gaming and Hentai (Instagram will not even allow users to tag a post with the word, ask me how I know). It sheds light on the ways in which the topics of sex and eroticism still make Americans uncomfortable. But sex and sexuality undoubtedly hold a place in art, because we see it every time we visit a museum. I think it’s time for everyone to loosen up, and so does Nutaku, so the company put together a two-day pop up exhibit/experience called Hentai is Art, which took place on June 29th and 30th, 2018  in the burgeoning neighborhood where Chinatown meets Tribeca. Hentai is Art was all about presenting Hentai-influenced art and gaming as something that’s fun and imaginative which should be encouraged, explored and embraced rather than shied away from.

Hentai Pop Up Signage

At the Hentai is Art pop up event, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the world of Hentai art with a range of styles and mediums to get turned on to. The ways in which Hentai is breaking into the mainstream — and helping to break down barriers — were showcased throughout the exhibit with virtual reality experiences,  historically-inspired Hentai works, graffiti art, and a unique “toy” showcase. Please enjoy my photos from the press party on the eve of the exhibit’s opening to the public!

Hentai Is Art Installation View

On one side of gallery space, there was a terrific display of images by talented digital artists who have reinterpreted a selection famous masterpieces in the Hentai style.

Mona Lisa by SquChan

Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa by SquChan

The Birth of Venus By Mezio

Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus By Mezio

The Swing By Webnatu

Jean-Honore Fragonard’s The Swing By Webnatu.

These works are really fun and playful and would inspired viewers to check out the original paintings!

Painting Detail

It looks like a dick, because it is a dick.

Hentai Is Art Installation View

Hentai gaming has also inspired street art, as Nutaku hit Bushwick, Brooklyn’s famous graffiti scene.

Bushwick Street Art

Detail of Work By Mast

Bushwick Street Art

Bushwick Mural Depicting a Chibi Style Nutaku Tan By Artist Pursue

Bushwick Street Art

Nutaku Tan Mural by Artist Key Detail

Installation View

And then, there were the tentacles. Tentacle erotica is a measured motif among Hentai enthusiasts, and what better way to explore that domain than with these very imaginative sex toys!

Ilka The Tentacle

Ilka The Tentacle (above) and Tako The Tentacle (below) are molded from very soft silicone.

Tako The Tentacle

Winstons Tongue

This one is called Winston’s Tongue, and it is designed for use by Sci-fi / Horror afficneaods who enjoy entertaining monster fantasies. Just being serious.

Jason the Demogorgon

And for everyone who can’t shut up about the Netflix series, Stranger Things, this one is called Jason the Demogorgon! Very scary!

Naughty Rituals Game

Fans and newbies alike were also able to experience the virtual world of Hentai Gaming by checking out games with titles like Naughty Kingdom and Naughty Rituals. Sadly, I am not able to include any screenshots of these games with losing this blog’s PG-rating!

Hentai is Art Party Attendees Discuss Their Love of Gaming!


Of course, a party is not a party without food and alcohol, and this event went all out. Check out this spread!

Free-flowing Wine and Proseco, and also, Delicious Water!

Sushi Rolls

OMG, the food was just insane!

Sushi Rolls

Are you craving Japanese food now? You should be. Nutaku: They know how to host a party.

Hentai Mouse Pad

Upon departure, all attendees received a gift bag that included this amazing Mouse Pad, as well as the T-Shirt you see below. With their enthusiast embrace of Hentai titles, Nutaku is pushing the boundaries of gaming, art and sexuality by partnering with artists and game developers from around the world, bringing global artistry and deviant indie style to the adult gaming industry. As the 18+ gaming scene grows, Nutaku is bringing the highest quality titles to a passionate fan base that shares an appreciation for Hentai and digital art!

Hentai Is Art T-Shirt