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Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon of the Month Club

Nick over at The Littlest Winslow just hipped me to the most awesome thing I have seen in maybe one or two days, the Bacon Of The Month Club! Holy Smoked Pork Chops, Batman, who among you will buy me a gift membership?

Just in Time for Holiday Gift Giving: Keep Your Loved Ones Warm with a Bacon Scarf!

Bacon Scarf Contains No Actual Bacon!

It’s 27 degrees here in New York right now, and that’s really fucking cold! If there’s one thing you need to be wearing under your coat when you go outside, it’s a warm scarf! What great timing it is then that Etsy.com is offering for sale this very realistic looking, custom made, hand felted bacon scarf . According to the item description, “The loose red, pink, and white merino wool has been welt felted with warm, soapy water and agitated to hold its shape. Nothing is sewn, knitted, or crocheted. It measures between 6-8″ wide and 44-48″ long. This is an approximation since this scarf – much like real bacon – is not a true rectangular shape. It looks like a real slice of bacon, with the striations of fat and meat. It’s kind of gross and awesome at the same time.” I love it. Scarf sells for $120 each. What a bargain!