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Video Clip of The Week: Princess Century, “Sunrise 101/Last Disco”

Most of the time, when I listen to music on a Sunday morning, I don’t want to have to think too hard about what it all means. I’m just looking for a beat or a groove or some kind of aural hook to move me. That’s it. I’m not demanding. Because Sunday is a day of rest, and that rest also applies to my brain.

What I do imagine when I listen to, and watch the video for “Sunrise 101/Last Disco” from Princess Century (AKA prolific remix artist, DJ Maya Postepski), is that the couple shown are contestants on The Amazing Race, but have gone rogue and decided to turn the Race’s various Road Block and Detour challenges into a combination Vacation/Art Project. Being a song without any lyrics, also known as an instrumental, “Sunrise 101/Last Disco” provides an ideal sound track to your leisurely Sunday Brunch and post-Brunch impromptu Dance Party. Listen and tell me you don’t agree.

“Sunrise 101/Last Disco” can be found among other awesome tunes on Princess Century’s latest CD, Progress, released October 16th, 2015 on Paper Bag Records. Like her on the FaceBook at This Link Right Here. Enjoy!

Princess Century CD Cover