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Video Clip of The Week: Telepathe, “Night’s Spell”

Maybe it’s just me (it usually is), but this week’s Video Clip from Brooklyn-based, multi-instrumentalist femme duo, Telepathe, reminds me both aurally and visually of the late Laura Branigan’s borderline disturbing video for “Self Control”. Because, the eighties!

But seriously, “Night’s Spell”— culled from the duo’s upcoming sophomore release, Destroyer (BZML Records) — embraces a pleasant synth-pop feel, propelled by a simmering tribal beat, accompanied by hypnotic vocals and a truly stimulating visual of a woman clad in a somewhat futuristic golden unitard thing, gliding about in front of pretty colored lights. What’s not to love? “Night’s Spell” has it all!

Telepathe is comprised to two very obviously talented ladies, Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais, who quit their day jobs and relocated to Los Angeles to record the album in a few short and intense months. “Melissa and I decided to leave NY for a couple of months during the winter to write and record this new album,” Busy explains. “We rented an apartment on Sunset Boulevard. At the time we were reading a lot Science Fiction and researching California cults, which became themes that seeped into our music.” After watching the video, perhaps you will concur.

Providing further juicy background, the band’s latest press release offers, “With nods to freestyle Miami beats and Madonna’s early work, Destroyer is a focused cacophony of layered beats, synths and vocals bemoaning the complications and misunderstandings of relationships.” I feel them on this. Destroyer hits the streets on August 7th, 2015. Like them on the FaceBook at This Link. Enjoy!

Telepathe Destroyer Cover Art