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Planned Parenthood Supporter Throws Baby Shower for Bristol Palin

As you probably already know, Bristol Palin, daughter of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is knocked up and will be getting married to the father of her unborn son. Way to go, Abstinence Only education! What better way to celebrate the miracle of life (and possibly the loss of choice) than with a baby shower? On Sunday October 19th, Planned Parenthood supporter Maria Miranda of Cleveland, Ohio will be hosting a Baby Shower for Bristol at the Prosperity Social Club in Treemont. Festivities will begin at 3:30 PM. This event is not just a big joke. Instead of bringing gifts, guests are encouraged to bring their checkbook with all donations going to Planned Parenthood of Alaska in Sarah Palin’s name! More information is available by emailing Maria at mariammiranda@sbcglobal.net.