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Ice Head Sculpture

Ice Head 1
All Photos By Diane Anderson

My friend Diane (a.k.a.”Diaaahhne!”) took these fun photos of an Ice Head Sculpture sitting atop a parking meter near 5th Avenue between 96th and 97th Streets in Manhattan. I’m sure it was once malleable snow, but the consistently frigid temperatures that we have been enjoying just lately have turned it to solid ice. Kinda creepy.

Ice Head 3


Skull Snow Sculpture!

Skull Snow Sculpture
Image Source

This awesome Snow Skull was built way back in 2009 by Skull A Day’s Noah Scanlin and his pal Paul Overton of Dudecraft Dot Com. Read about it’s accidental genesis at This Link!


Right now, we’re in the early stages of a full on blizzard here in NYC. Normally, I’d be all about the snow. But  today is one of the busiest holiday travel days of the year. So I say, “Fuck the snow.” American Airlines has already canceled my 2:15 flight to Burbank and if I’m very lucky I’ll make it out on a flight leaving after 8:00 PM tonight, getting me in to LAX around Midnight. At least it’s a direct flight. Now…if it  can just get out of NYC I’ll be happy. And snow will be off my shit list.