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Shark Attack Snow Sculpture!

Snow Shark

Shark Attack in the Snow!

Skull Snow Sculpture!

Skull Snow Sculpture
Image Source

This awesome Snow Skull was built way back in 2009 by Skull A Day’s Noah Scanlin and his pal Paul Overton of the late great Dudecraft.Com. While that site is no more, you can still follow Dudecraft on Pinterest!

Snow Pig!

Snow Pig

Thanks to Monica and Rob, who built this little piggy with fresh snow from the Nemo Blizzard, for the Image!

Snow Skull!

Snow Skull

I’m guessing the gold tooth is a Christmas ornament.

Thanks to Neatorama for the Image!

New York City Gets Two Feet Of Snow!

Sculpture By G. Augustine Lynas

Hah, this one never gets old.