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Cuteness Alert: Kingsford the Tiny Pig Goes To The Beach!

Everybody knows that – whether running freely on the beach or sizzling deliciously in a pan – I love pigs! Here is a cute video of Kingsford the tiny piglet having a typical day’s worth of adventures with his human family. My favorite part of the video is when the evil Siamese cat is afraid of the tiny pig. Later, they go to the beach and Kingsford just jumps into the ocean and begins to swim about happily. Pigs are awesome.

Cuteness Alert: Baby Hedgehog

If you are having as weird of a day as I am (between offending the mentally challenged, the vegans and the Gossip Websites, I am not sure who is left for me to unintentionally alienate-slash-incur the wrath of) then you need to look at this picture of a tiny baby hedgehog, take a few deep breaths, and maybe go grab a donut.

Cuteness Alert: Plush Pig!

lubies plush pig

This little cutie is from the Lubies Series 1 plush line by Rocket USA. So cute!

Cuteness Alert: French Bulldog Puppies!

French Bulldog Puppies
“Puppies…Puppies Will Make Them Sleep…”

Thanks to Frank at the OMG Blog Dot Com for letting me snag this photo of two French Bulldog puppies that are just criminally CUTE! Someone please bring these puppies to me now!!