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Sending Healing Vibes and Get Well Wishes to Ute Linhart

On Wednesday night of this week, Ute Linhart, a music industry friend of mine for over ten years, was violently assaulted when an insane maniac pushed her into a speeding subway train as it barreled into the station at 28th street and Broadway here in Manhattan. While she thankfully was not thrown onto the tracks, Ute suffered multiple broken bones including three broken ribs, her left arm broken in two places, facial fractures and a punctured lung, among other injuries. The New York Post has the more details on the truly horrifying story online at This Link.

The good news is that Ute is going to be OK and, thanks to witnesses in the subway, the attacker was apprehended and arrested. While what happened to Ute could not have been predicted, and was certainly a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, let’s all of us here in NYC who travel on the subway remember that there are some crazy nut jobs out there. Be careful in the subway, stand back from the platform edge and be aware of who is around you at all times. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Ute!

Update: The man who pushed Ute has been Sentenced to 15 Years Prison.