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Instagram Post of The Week: Ears For Days!

Saturday night was a big night of firsts for me: not only did I come upon this amazing Bugs Bunny mural by Jerkface for the first time (it’s been up since 2020), but I had my first Oh K Dog — a hotdog with cheese deep fried in a crispy rice batter — so delish! Check them both out on Ludlow Street just below Orchard!

Led Zeppelin Gets Physical

Physical Graffiti Tenements

On This Date, March 22nd in 1975: Led Zeppelin’s double album Physical Graffiti reached the top of the Billboard 200 album chart for the first of six weeks, giving the group its fourth number one album. The album was released one month earlier,on February 24th. The apartment building photographed for the albums’ iconic cover still stands at 96-98 St. Marks Place (East 8th Street) in NYC’s East Village.

Physical Graffiti Tenements

Houses of the Holy: 96-98 St. Marks Place (Photographed By Me on July 30th, 2017)