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Video Clip of The Week: Gothic Tropic, “Stronger”

Oh man, how lucky are you? Answer: So lucky. Just look at what I found hiding in a cluster of neglected emails from earlier this summer: it’s this week’s Video Clip, “Stronger” from  LA-based trio Gothic Tropic. Fronted by wildly talented singer/ guitarist Cecilia Della Peruti“Stronger” kicks off in high energy mode with a locomotive drum intro that pays homage to “We Got The Beat, and then keeps you engaged with its walking bass line that you can take to the bank. Not to mention, but you can see that I am about to, Della Peruti’s  Patty Smythe-esque vocals, which are just sublime. Fuckin’ A! This is some good shit, right here.

Visually, “Stornger” eeks out the very last drops of a summer gone too soon with fun scenes of the band rocking out (see below) juxtaposed with a day in the life of Della Perutti working on motorcycles with her pals (yes, I just typed that) before riding off across the Southland on their next adventure. “Stronger” is a fresh take on the inspiring power anthem that could have fit easily into the vibrant late ’70s /early ’80s Southern California punk scene. I do not think there is any higher praise I can give than that.

Gothic Tropic Band

In addition to fronting Gothic Tropic like a boss, Della Peruti has garnered sponsorships with Fender Guitars, and leading pedal manufacturers. She also works professionally as a touring and session player for Charli XCX and BØRNS, among others. Hot Damn! Like Gothic Tropic on the FaceBook at This Link! Enjoy!

Gothic Tropic CD Cover