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Bacon Thing Of The Day: Bacon Wikizine on Zimbio

Bacon Wiki

If, like me, you write a fabulous blog that everyone loves wildly, you’ve probably registered that blog on the blog aggregator Zimbio. Because Zimbio is a great tool for promoting individual stories on your blog, and everybody wants to get as much love as possible, am I right? Well, just this morning I decided I was fed up with Zimbio not having a Bacon Wiki  on which to post my many Bacon Thing of The Day posts, so I created my own Bacon Wikizine: For Devotees of Bacon – aka “Meat Candy” – In All Of Its Forms! To all of you rabid bacon bloggers out there, please feel free to contribute content to my Bacon Wiki and by all means spread the word!

Update: Since Zimbio Has Gone Offline, I’m Afraid the Bacon Wikizine has as Well!