Robert Burke Warren, Singer/Songwriter

Gail Worley is a maverick, but she's an accessible maverick. Her taste is hard to predict and to pin down, and that is one of the things that make her such a great read. She delivers her material like a skilled conversationalist; one that informs and commiserates about the serious stuff, but also shares juicy, guilty pleasures all while giving the impression that she's open to response and debate about music (and other things), as long as it comes from a passionate place. Although Gail knows more than most, she's not a know-it-all, and not limited by worrying about whether or not she'll find folks that think just like she does. Although experienced enough to be wise to the ways of hype, she's not jaded or cynical; Gail is genuinely inspired by music of all stripes – regardless of whether it's hip, new, old, independent, mega, if mullet-heads like it or if indie geeks like it. And on top of it all, she's got chops as a writer. You know your reading a bona fide writer, not just a besotted fan or some computer geek on a screed. Her subjectivity is a pleasurable aspect of her stuff a rarity. She's perverse, twisted and funny – a guilty pleasure herself.