Bill Bowman, Singer, Songwriter, Rocker

Bill Bowman

“Gail Worley found my music in a stack of crap.”

Why does she take the time to listen to everything she gets and then write about what moves her? Because she cares. She is an experienced music critic / connoisseur driven by her heart! Gail’s honesty and articulate experience can be found in a review of my first album and a bio she wrote about me. Everything Gail writes about, for that matter, has the same honesty, attention and intelligence behind it. The music business is lucky to have someone like Gail in it. She has a real passion for music and a gift to capture it in words. Gail is definitely a chill chaser, but she not only finds them, she documents them! I love you Gail, thanks for helping to put a little rock-n-roll songwriter like me on the map and in the rags!!!