Gail On The Web! More Reviews of Crappy Unsigned Bands!

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“If U2 were an American garage band with an ultra dry wit, they’d probably sound a lot like The Volunteers.” It’s too bad this NYC band from the School of Rawk with a ‘W’ only has one song posted on Starpolish, because “So Deep For So Cheap” rocks hard enough to crack a skull and has a firm enough grasp on the true beauty of sarcastic irony to pull off the delightfully audacious lyric “Even God likes bitches and booze.” The band’s hilarious website boasts “The Volunteers is the album you have been waiting your entire life for.” I’ll buy that.”

Read more of my review of The Volunteers along with smart-ass-remark-flecked reviews of other unsigned artists including singer/songwriter Ryan Patrick Toth, Halifax Nova Scotia’s Risyn and Brooklyn finest, Comandante Zero posted now in the Starpolish Critics’ Corner!