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The Worley Gig on Starpolish Archives Have Been Recovered

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The story of The Worley Gig is a long and winding road of various print and online media that have all come and gone before this blog made its debut ten years ago, in June of 2003. The Gig, which was originally so christened by writer Tim Hall, originated in print in the late 1990s as a local nightlife and music column for an alternative, downtown monthly published here in Manhattan called the New York Hangover. When The Hangover went out of print, The Gig moved to the online version of Seattle’s Pandemonium Magazine (aka Pandomag) where it enjoyed a triumphant three year run before that site went belly up, at which time we were adopted by a startup entertainment and artist development website called Starpolish. And that, as they say, is history.

While a selection of Worley Gig columns and Musician Interviews I did while at Starpolish have continued to be archived on that site, the interview links all changed when Starpolish became Tiwary Entertainment Group a few months back. Earlier today, I searched and scoured the new TEG site to find those archived articles and rebuild the links for inclusion in this sites’ Interview Archives page.

Please enjoy the fruits of my labor, at your leisure.

Update April 2020: With StarPolish’s Critics Corner Archive permanently offline, I will be re-introducing these reviews as permanent WorleyGig posts as time permits.

Donnas’ Drummer Torry Castellano Retires from Music

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This is a bummer. Torry Castellano (aka “Donna C”), drummer for The Donnas, has been forced to quit the band and completely retire from playing drums due to a chronic, severe shoulder injury. I interviewed Torry several years ago and she was lots of fun. This is really a shame, as not only are The Donnas an awesome band, but I know how passionate drummers are about their craft. No one wants to be forced into retirement due to an injury, but her decision makes sense considering that she was faced with having to choose living without pain over pursuing her art. You can read Torry’s heart-felt statement to her fans at this link. Good luck Torry, you will always continue to rock in my book!

Gail On The Web! More Starpolish Unsigned Band Reviews!

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I have four new reviews now posted in the Starpolish.com Critics’ Corner, including a bit of high praise for NYC rockers Shiny Mama!

Gail On The Web: StarPolish!

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Just posted in the Starpolish.com Critics’ Corner are four new reviews from yours truly: Tel Aviv-based melodic rockers DMA, appropriately named, shitty garage-punk band Monstrous, and not-one-but-two rappers: GIF (Harlem) and D.E.V.O. (California). Check out my Reviews to find out which artist does a song that I described as “a multi-layered, electronic beat-heavy instrumental piece that sounds like the theme to some futuristic spy thriller where the robots conquer the humans, or something like that.”

Gail On The Web! More Reviews of Crappy Unsigned Bands!

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“If U2 were an American garage band with an ultra dry wit, they’d probably sound a lot like The Volunteers.” It’s too bad this NYC band from the School of Rawk with a ‘W’ only has one song posted on Starpolish, because “So Deep For So Cheap” rocks hard enough to crack a skull and has a firm enough grasp on the true beauty of sarcastic irony to pull off the delightfully audacious lyric “Even God likes bitches and booze.” The band’s hilarious website boasts “The Volunteers is the album you have been waiting your entire life for.” I’ll buy that.”

Read more of my review of The Volunteers along with smart-ass-remark-flecked reviews of other unsigned artists including singer/songwriter Ryan Patrick Toth, Halifax Nova Scotia’s Risyn and Brooklyn finest, Comandante Zero posted now in the Starpolish Critics’ Corner!