Worst…Movie…Ever: Last Days

Michael Pitt Last Days
Actor Michael Pitt as Some Guy Pretending to be Kurt Cobain

Next time you’re scouring Netflix for some top rated films to put in your queue, here’s one to avoid at all costs: Last DaysGus Van Sant’s obtuse, meandering, painfully dull, hypothesized portrait of the final days of the late Kurt Cobain. Gee whiz, this movie is such a stunning piece of cinematic trash that to call it “The Worst Movie Ever in the Universe of All Time” is to perhaps pay it too high of a compliment.

Last Days is about as entertaining as peeling an apple and then watching it turn brown. I don’t think I would be spoiling it for anyone if I revealed a little bit of what happens in this movie: NOTHING. No one is denying that Kurt Cobain had a drug problem, but I seriously doubt he was the near-catatonic, incoherent zombie wastoid he is portrayed to be in this excruciatingly boring movie that no one should be forced to sit through even as punishment. If you’re looking to discover a really excellent Gus Van Sant-directed film, check out Drug Store Cowboy or To Die For and leave this piece of celluloid shit on the shelf.