Rad Website of the Month: Quiltsryche.Com


A guy in my office just turned me on to Quiltsrÿche, a completely insane company that makes custom designed heavy metal bed quilts. “Quiltsrÿche turns traditional quilting on its ear with modern heirloom quilts that look like they were made by your metal-loving, half-blind Grandma. Bold designs, eye-popping color combinations and a touch of evil are the hallmarks of Quiltsrÿche quilts. A one-of-a-kind rock quilt won’t match your curtains, but it will have enough character and craftsmanship to captivate you year after headbanging year.” Oh my god, I want one so bad. Check out these designs:


Remember that Iron Maiden poster that was so scary you had to hide it in your closet? Did you lay awake at night expecting Eddie to come to life? When I sleep with “Skullfucked” on my bed, I’m kinda scared — in that good way. This quilt reinterprets a traditional “half-log cabin” design with sinister results. Run to the hills!

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Heavy Metal Quilt

For those about to rock, here’s an A-to-Z heavy metal primer for the shorty in your life. A is for amp, B is for blood — and of course, S is for Satan herself. This quilt features 25 imperfectly silkscreened illustrations and is a variation of a traditional “housetop” design. King-size this quilt and you too can be the happiest little metalhead south of heaven.

Children of the Beast


Sweet miracle of Mick Mars! Wouldn’t little Les Paul Mars, the offspring of Mötley Crüe’s stoic guitarist, have been right at home under this darling demonic baby blanket? “Instrumental” features “God bless the children of the beast” silkscreened in Gothic lettering on a variation of a traditional “housetop” design. Be strong, and shout at the devil!


Remember your very first bangover? The days following my first Metallica concert, my neck ached with a fury not even Bengay or Mom’s shoulder rubs could soothe. If only I could’ve warded off the evil spirits of muscle pain by wrapping myself in the cottony warmth of Dio’s loving protection. This ode to throwing the goat is based on a traditional “roman stripes” design.

If seeing these awesome quilts has been enough for you to want to get your ideas into fabric form, have a read of this post to find the Top 10 Best Quilting Sewing Machines on the market to get started.