Dethklok Rocks!


Someone I’m not friends with anymore turned me on to the virtual Death Metal band Dethklok, and I have been enjoying their cartoon adventures on the Adult Swim Channel’s very clever show, Metalocalypse for the past couple of days now. What I want to know is this: does anyone else out there notice a resemblance between Dethklok vocalist Nathan Explosion and Type O Negative’s Pete Steele? Anybody?

NathanMean Peter

Nathan Explosion              Peter Steele

Because the similarities are obvious to me.

One thought on “Dethklok Rocks!”

  1. Just a tidbit about “live” Dëthkløk appearances. For the past several weeks, a live performance of Dëthkløk has been making the rounds at some colleges from Illinois all the way to the West Coast. The flesh and bones band plays the Dëthkløk music to the Dëthkløk animated clips projected on a large screen. Unfornately, the majority of these shows were “students only with I.D.” so I couldn’t get my ass into the UCLA gig. The lineup has been Brendon Small (creator of Dëthkløk) on guitar, Mike Keneally on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass and someone on drums whose name I can’t remember (sorry Mr.Drum-guy). I know Mike and Bryan from their performances in S. Calif. for the past 10 years or so. Their involvement within incarnations of Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins and The Mike Keneally Band have been truly entertaining. Bryan has just come off the Steve Vai tour and Mike is always involved in his own projects ranging from a recent performance in Budapest with other Zappa alumni and teaching kids how to shred at the School of Rock. Dëthkløk “live” will be on tour again in 2008 and this time everyone will be able to attend. Don’t be a douchebag! Be there!

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