Bye Bye, Gravedigger James!

“James, Voted Out At The Lasat Tribal Council and the 4th Member of Our Jury”

Well, wonders really do never cease. I’m not sure how to feel about the Tribal Council results of last night’s Survivor. Am I sad that favored-to-win James was voted out because he was too effing stupid to play one of the two personal Immunity Idols in his possession? Or am I happy that someone who was too stupid to play an Immunity Idol was voted out? Read Televison Without Pity’s recap after the jump.

Ready To Bite The Apple
By Miss Alli | Season 15 | Episode 10 | Aired on 2007.11.29

“You will recall that our last tribal council ended with assurances out the wazoo that something incredibly important was going to happen at the beginning of this week’s episode before we even had a chance to get away from tribal council. Said “more business” turns out to be a reward challenge, boo! It’s trivia about China, and Peih-Gee walks off with the victory, allowing her to take a couple of people with her on the reward. She takes Erik and Denise, leaving Todd, Amanda, James, and Courtney to sit around and salivate over being the final four together. Or that’s what Todd thinks. In fact, Amanda wants no part of going to F3 with James, so she’s got it in mind to surprise him at tribal council and get him out before he even thinks to play the idols. Now at this point, he has two idols and three tribal councils at which they could possibly be played, so you’d think it would take some kind of fairly wonderful play to actually get him to sit on two idols. But after Erik wins immunity, Amanda talks Todd and company into booting James, and she gets Peih-Gee to play along in defeated silence, acting like she knows she’s going home. At tribal council, rather shockingly, James sits there and allows himself to be voted out while he holds two immunity idols. Now I ask you, what is stupider: playing what you think might possibly be a fake immunity idol and having it not be one, or failing to play either of the two real idols that you have? Oh, show. Sometimes you find hubris when you aren’t even looking.”Currently my money is on mullet-sporting, karate kicking lunch lady, Denise.