RIP Heath Ledger

Heath as a Knight
Heath as he looked in A Knight’s Tale

Actor Heath Ledger has passed away, January 22nd, 2008, of an apparent overdose of prescription drugs. Man, 28 is just way too young to go, especially for someone who was as cute and talented as Heath Ledger. What a shame. RIP, Heath.

2 thoughts on “RIP Heath Ledger”

  1. Early reports suggest that he was taking Ambien AND Xanax on a regular basis. It doesn’t necessarily take an OD to die from taking that stuff… and usually it takes a boatload to die from it… BUT most likely it is when a person takes a lot of it for a while and THEN STOPS the usual dosage… that is when deadly seizures can occur. That’s why I counsel people who are trying to get off of that shit and not DIE in the process. Then again, maybe he was doin’ somethin’ else in addition to that crap. Ya know?

  2. I heard he was downing the Olsen Twins’ anti-anorexia meds and he binge-ate himself to death.

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