Top Ten Fun Things About My Trip to California That I Did Not Blog About Yet

Tar Pits

1. Sue and I were walking to the fancy Marie Calendars restaurant to have a delicious lunch before going to the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) when I mentioned to her that, “Gee, it really smells like tar out here.” She then pointed out that we were, in fact, walking directly across the street from The La Brea Tar Pits. Funny! But seriously, that shit smells like tar.

2. You know, I was all ready to slag Jeff Koons over his sculpture that looks like he just inflated a kid’s pool toy and crammed it through the rungs of a cheap aluminum ladder that he bought at Home Depot. But then it was explained to me that the pool toy is actually meticulously crafted out of Stainless Steele and painted to look like an inflated pool toy. So, snaps for Jeff Koons, because who thinks of doing stuff like that? And how about that giant balloon dog sculpture the size of a house? Fuck, that was rad.

3. As an early birthday gift, I took Sue to see The Kids in the Hall at the Orpheum Theatre and, as promised, they were very hilarious. I love that four out of the five of seem gay, but only one actually is. Favorite skit of the evening: “Car Fuckers.”

4. I love all foods, but, no kidding, Aroma Café in Studio City has the most amazing “Omelet Wrap” on the planet.

5. We hung out with Candice, Brian and Kate in the park. That was fun.

Gail and Giant Hot Dog

6. Can you believe we had time to visit a Green Earth Fair on the way to Venice Beach? Where else could I get my picture taken with a giant, and slightly menacing, anthropomorphic Hot Dog?

Venice Beach!

7. I always enjoy an immersion in the familiar, carnival-like grunginess of Venice Beach Boardwalk, even if I do need to reapply 30 SPF sun block to my face every 15 minutes. Things I bought: Bundle of white sage, nag champa incense, fridge magnets shaped like little surfboards!

Sue, Gail, Lake Shrine

8. Ten-minutes-to-closing pop-in at the Lake Shrine!

9. Ilka’s Wedding Anniversary party at Casita del Campos in Silverlake: Best. Mexican. Food. Buffet. Ever!!

Kings Means Good Fish!

10. Mother’s Day Dinner with the Folks at King’s Fish House in Orange! Family obligation, free food and fun combined!

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  1. Wow, I need to put on SPF 30 just to read this post, it sure looks bright and sunny there. Unfortunately, I was back in rainy New York no SPF needed. Looks like a fun visit!

  2. If you look closely, that’s my evil face peering from the tiny window in the SRF chapel’s windmill tower…

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