Things to do in New York City On The Roof of the MET

Night Shot

I’ve previously blogged about seeing artist Jeff Koons’ work at the LA County Museum of Art this past May, so you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be making a stop at The Metropolitan Museum of Art this weekend to check out their much-blogged-about new exhibit Koons on the Roof. Here’s a review from the New York Times which has a few pictures to give you an idea of the scale of the exhibit. Although I believe only three sculptures are included, none of them have been on public display before, plus the view of the city alone is worth the price of admission (it’s $20, though I’ll be using my work ID to get in for free). And I understand the roof has a bar where you can get a special “Jeff Koons Martini.” So the question is, how could you stay away, really? Koons on the Roof runs through October 26th, 2008, weather permitting.

Koons On The Roof

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