Dale Bozzio is a Crazy Cat Lady

Dale Bozzio in 2003, Still Looks Pretty Good!

This weeks’ breaking story about former Missing Persons’ lead singer Dale Bozzio hoarding and mistreating dozens of cats is sad on so many levels. Not just for the fact that Bozzio neglected numerous pets to the point where they either died on their own or had to be put down due to illness, but because this situation shows just how far she’s fallen since she was a New Wave Popstar Queen back in the ‘80s. People worshipped Dale Bozzio back then. And now she’s just a crazy cat lady living in a filthy log cabin in the middle of nowhere and trying to get her fifteen minutes back. That’s just sad.

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  1. I am an admirer of her music and history, but if full story has been presented I am saddened. Whatever the reason, the spokesperson statement is lame. Leaving their care up to someone else is questionable. I’d be curious to know what the cause of death was for these cats. Cats can go into liver failure fairly quickly without protein. Were these her personal cats or strays she was taking in? Either way this is a terrible association for her. Pet sitting is a growing business. There are individual and multi-employee companies in most areas. She should have known better. If the news is fully truthful and not embellished for effect…

  2. Catatonic catastrophe! Yeah, a strange life this is sometimes. The neglected multi-cat story seems to be typical. Thankfully, she did not have a house full of neglected humans.

    News Flash: More people are “walkin’ in L.A.” now than I have ever seen in the past 30 years.

  3. Not the full story indeed. Dale had nothing to do with the animal neglect. She paid someone to watch the cats and the pet sitter even contacted her claiming to be caring for them. I guess the truth isnt as sensational as what everyone morbidly wants to believe.

  4. People need to lay off Dale Bozzio on here. No one knows the real story except Dale and the pet caretaker. Just because it’s on the news doesn’t mean the real truth is being presented. Maybe Dale called up the pet caretaker from an advertisement she saw somewhere? Maybe she thought this particular pet caretaker seemed trustworthy? Who knows? Everyone can speculate and pass judgement but it’s wrong to do so unless you have the absolute facts. If Dale didn’t want the cats anymore, there are easier ways to get rid of them than to have them slowly die, rot and stink up the house.
    It seems like an accident to me. It could have happened to anyone.

  5. Hey Mark….how can you say “it could have happened to anyone.” Yes…anyone too wrapped up in themselves to follow through on the care of a significant number of animals. MAybe this, maybe that. If this was a child would you still make excuses for her ? Please. She needs a kick in the pants for being so STUPID, SELFISH and irresponsible. I hope they throw the book at her!!

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