San Francisco, City of Jello

“Watch it Wiggle…”

Artist Liz Hickok has created something truly unique and beautiful with her sculpture project, San Francisco in Jell-O. Liz explains, “This project consists of photographs and video, which depict various San Francisco landscapes. I make the landscapes by constructing scale models of the architectural elements which I use to make molds. I then cast the buildings in Jell-O. Similar to making a movie set, I add backdrops, which I often paint, and elements such as mountains or trees, and then I dramatically light the scenes from the back or underneath. The Jell-O sculptures quickly decay, leaving the photographs and video as the remains.” Read more about the project at This Link.

Simulated Earthquake

Alamo Square

View From Alcatraz Island

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    Lennon had an amazing voice, I just didn’t think of him as a ‘rock voice’ before I’d posted, and when I realised I thought it was probably best to go with my instincts. Plus I could write about Lennon all day!

    David Bowie is pure genius.

    Yeah, that’s the thing I suppose. We all interpret it differently.

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