RIP Metal Edge Magazine

Run To The Hills

It was this past Tuesday morning that I received an email in my box with the ominous subject heading: “Bad News.” Seeing that the email came from my editor at Metal Edge Magazine, I did not need to be a brain surgeon, or to even have a brain, to know that any email coming from an editor that promises “Bad News” even before you open it can only mean one thing – that magazine is about to fold. And so it is with the great Metal Edge, which will close-up shop on Tuesday, February 11th after sending its final issue to the printer. Phil Freeman (said editor) asked all of us newly axed writers to please keep our fat mouths shut for a week until the closing could be made official, but obviously that was too great a request, as “anonymous sources” had blabbed the news to Metal Sucks and The Daily Swarm by the following afternoon.  So I don’t want anyone to think I’m late to the party here with the Breaking News. It’s just that I didn’t want to be a dick.

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  1. Another one bites it. While I don’t think the death of all printed media is inevitable, it’s surprising some have lasted as long as they have. When the Internet gives us the news and gossip long before the printed publications do, you have to wonder how they were able to keep selling magazines.

  2. It’s sad, too. The magazine was better this last year than it’s ever been. It was looking great.

    Sad to see it go… I guess I will be forced to buy Classic Rock and Kerrrrrang now at the import price…

  3. Dear Fellow Metal Edge Readers,
    I agree, this news sucks beyond words and it is very dishearting to read. Alas, all great thing must come to an end. Just like many of you, I, myself, grew up reading articles about my favorites bands in this magazine. The articles were always well written and the photographs were top-notch. You never knew who Gerri Miller would be pictured with. I could not wait until the next issue. In fact, I was just thinking about contacting Metal Edge Magazine to see if they would be interested in doing an interview on guitarist, Jayce Landberg. RIP, Metal Edge. You will remain in my memory.

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