Best Name Ever: Marijuana Pepsi Jackson!

You May Call Her Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty

I’m always interested in reading articles about people who curse their children with unusual or unfortunate names; like those Nazi cretins who named their kids Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation as if those were just the most normal names in the universe. I mean, come on people, rub a couple of brain cells together before you condemn a child to endless torture and ostracism for the sake of the few laughs you had naming your baby while you were high on acid. I knew a hippy couple a few years ago who named their kid Thelonius Hiawatha because they were such huge jazz fans. I guess they didn’t consider how many schoolyard beatings little Thelonius would have to face growing up with that name, or maybe they just wanted him to develop a good right hook. Just yesterday I read a fun story on Neatorama about a woman who grew up with name Marijuana Pepsi and lived to tell the tale. Personally, I think that’s the coolest name ever. Who wouldn’t want to be named “Pepsi” – what a fun and happy name! You can read all about Marijuana Pepsi Jackson (now Sawyer) at this link.

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!

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  1. I used to have two brothers that worked for me whose last name was “Fangboner.” I don’t think one of their ancestors was being funny; I just think he must have made an extremely unfortunate career choice.
    MILLER: “Hey, how’s business…Fangboner?”
    BAKER: “(snort, giggle)”

  2. A coupla L.A. brothers… first born was named


    the next-born son was named


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