Family of Crawdaddy’s Paul Williams Needs Help

Paul and Cindy with son Alexander

I read this afternoon on Boing Boing about the plight of a true pioneer of rock criticism – and the founder of Crawdaddy Magazine, Paul Williams, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1995 after falling from his bike, necessitating major brain surgery. Due to his injuries, Paul now suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s. Paul’s wife, the fantastic folk singer/songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill (whose song “Steve on H” is truly one of the most transcendent pop songs of all time) is understandably having difficulty managing his required full time care. It’s just a very sad story. A few of Paul’s friends have set up a website both as a tribute to his life and work and in order to make an appeal for help. Times are tight all over, I know, but if you feel inclined please visit Paul Williams Website and Support Fund. Even if a donation to help support and care for Paul isn’t possible, you can find out more about him and read some of his work on the site as well.

Update: Paul Williams Passed on March 27th, 2013

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