Awesome Website of the Day: Hello Kitty Hell

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I’ve been aware of the Japanese Pop Culture Quest for World Domination that is Hello Kitty for at least 30 years. Hello Kitty is like Starbucks and McDonalds I guess: it’s just everywhere and we’re powerless to stop it. Personally, being several decades over the age of six, Hello Kitty has little effect on my mental state or the manner in which I live my life. Not so much for the creator of Hello Kitty Hell, a pretty fucking fantastic website blog run by a guy whose wife (and I’m assuming she’s at least in her thirties) is completely and thoroughly obsessed with all things Hello Kitty. Running the hilariously entertaining Hello Kitty Hell blog is evidently his source of release from a 24-7-365 Hello Kitty existence that is his own personal living hell. But I guess it’s cheaper than divorce, and a lot funnier, too.

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