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Yes, It Exists: Hello Kitty Tie Fighter

Hello Kitty Tie Fighter
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From Hello Kitty Hell:

Just when you think that everything that could possibly be branded with the evil feline [already has been], something else ends up in my email box. Once again, Star Wars fans die a little inside with the Hello Kitty Tie Fighter. You just know that Star Wars would have had a different (and much more apocalyptic) ending had the Tie Fighters looked like this because there would be absolutely no way to triumph over the corresponding Darth Vader. When people talk about the “dark side,” the darkest of the dark is held without questions by the cat with no mouth.

Hello Kitty As Kiss

Kiss as Hello Kitty

You can look at the above cartoon in one of two ways: either this is the band Kiss dressed / made up as a bunch of Hello Kitties, or it’s Hello Kitty as the band Kiss. Either way, the crossover appeal is fairly transparent , as both Kiss and Hello Kitty have merchandised every item imaginable from T-Shirts and Toys to Coffins and Vibrators. Let the battle for the title “Kings of Corporate Whoring” begin!

Thanks to Hello Kitty Hell For the Image!

Yes it Exists: Hello Kitty Sandwich Ring

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You might be saying to yourself right now (and quite understandably), “What the Hell am I looking at?” Well, what we have here is a Hello Kitty Sandwich Ring. That is, a piece of bizarre costume jewelry where the “Jewel” is a miniature sandwich with the face of Hello Kitty as the bread. Yes, I just typed that. I have no more words for this abomination.

Thanks to Hello Kitty Hell for the Image!

Yes, it Exists: Hello Kitty Canned Pasta

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If you’ve ever eaten a canned pasta product, say, Spaghettios – you know, when you were a kid – then you know that stuff tastes like ass. But kids will put just about anything in their mouths, and if it’s mushy pasta that looks like Hello Kitty, they probably don’t care how repulsive it is!

Thanks to Hello Kitty Hell for the Tip!

Pink Thing of The Day: Hello Kitty Darth Vader Helmet

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You just can’t make this shit up, folks. Who thinks of this kind of thing and makes it happen? That’s what I would like to know. Thanks to Hello Kitty Hell For The Tip!