Happy Birthday to Iggy Pop and Robert Smith!

Iggy Pop Young BW
Iggy Turns a Biggie

April 21st just happens to be the shared birthday of rock superstars Iggy Pop and The Cure’s lead vocalist, Robert Smith, who who were born in 1947 and 1959, respectively. Happy Birthday, guys!

Robert Smith Banshees 84
Robert Smith: Providing Your Requisite Goth Iconography for Half a Century!

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  1. What are your favorite Cure albums? Obviously, I love Boys Don’t Cry (who doesn’t), but I’ve tried to dive deeper into their collection, but nothing has really struck me. It get extremely slow, sappy and boring. Maybe I’m listening to the wrong albums?

  2. There’s a cure for The Cure. If you accidentally get exposed to ‘The Cure’ simply play ~any~ Alice Cooper Group album.
    You’ll feel better in no time. 😎

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