The Reason Why Many People Love Bruce Springsteen Concerts

Bruce Live
Bruce Live at the Izod Center, NJ (Photo by Geoffrey Dicker)

Yesterday Geoffrey took me to see our very first ever Bruce Springsteen concert. I will willingly confess that – save for “Tunnel of Love” and few of his ballads like “No Surrender,” which is a work of genius – I have never really been a huge fan of his music. Still, you can’t help but know the words to every one of his songs, because they have been all over the radio and practically in the ether since I was about fifteen years old. Anyway, Bruce and the E Street Band played for three hours and blew our heads right off. Geezus god, what a fan-fucking-tastic performer that guy is. Fan or not, everybody should see him at least once. He’s amazing.

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  1. Yay….fun! Surprised that you’ve never seen Bruce before…but man, what a great tour to see him for the first time..

    And you got “Incident” in the setlist!

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