The Colorful World of Geoffrey Dicker: A Peek Inside the Mind of a Contemporary Artist

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LA-based artist Geoffrey Dicker is not your typical painter. With his unique style and infectious enthusiasm, he has carved out a niche for himself in the art world. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Geoffrey to discuss his vibrant creations and the inspirations behind them. Brace yourself for an insightful and whimsical journey into the mind of this creative force.

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As we delved into Geoffrey’s artistic vision, he revealed that his paintings, which he fondly calls Abstract Atmospheres, offer a dynamic and interactive experience for viewers. Not only can you admire them from various angles, but you can also rearrange them to constantly refresh your perspective. It’s like having a personal art exhibition in your living room, with ever-changing masterpieces that never fail to captivate.

easter colors geoffrey dicker paintings

Curious about his choices of shapes, colors, and arrangements, I asked Geoffrey how he decides on these elements. He explained that he aims to infuse his works with a sense of joy and spontaneity, often opting for bright colors that instantly uplift one’s spirits. While perfect lines may not be his forte, his paintings make up for it with their vibrant hues and exuberant energy. It’s as if his creations are an invitation to celebrate life itself.

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When discussing his artistic influences, Geoffrey’s enthusiasm is palpable. He expresses his admiration for a wide array of artists, from the iconic Andy Warhol to the visionary Pablo Picasso, the mesmerizing Yayoi Kusama, and the innovative Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Bridget Riley, and Ai Weiwei. He also shared some lesser-known artists he believes deserve recognition, including Troy Gua, Ari Lankin, Carl Paoli, Mike Racanelli, and Rob Croxford. Clearly, he is a true art aficionado, appreciating the diversity and prolific output of his fellow creators.

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Symbolism, or the lack thereof, is another aspect I was eager to explore. Surprisingly, Geoffrey’s paintings eschew deep symbolism. Instead, he seeks to provide viewers with a visually pleasing experience, leaving any interpretation up to their imagination. In his world, art is meant to be enjoyed without any hidden agenda or subliminal messages. It’s a refreshing approach that allows for unencumbered appreciation of his vibrant creations.

Geoffrey Book Covers

Peering into his creative process, the artist (who has also authored a dozen books) highlighted the difference between his approach to writing and painting. While writing, he obsesses over ideas for months, exploring countless scenarios. Painting, on the other hand, offers him a more spontaneous and unpredictable experience. Armed with a selection of colors, Geoffrey becomes a conduit between paint and canvas, allowing each stroke to guide him on a journey of discovery. He emphasized the thrill of venturing into uncharted territories and avoiding repeating patterns, cherishing the role of an artistic middleman.

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Of course, being an artist comes with its fair share of challenges. Geoffrey shared his struggle with the often frenetic pace of his muse, often creating artworks faster than he can sell them. However, he hopes that this article will help bridge that gap and bring his art to the attention of enthusiastic patrons.

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The conversation turned toward the future, and Geoffrey’s eyes sparkled with excitement as he envisioned his work evolving. He expressed a desire to create massive-sized works, hoping to showcase his painting, photography, songwriting, and books in a grand exhibition. It’s evident that Dicker’s boundless imagination knows no limits, and his passion fuels his aspirations.

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Touching upon his tendency to explore different genres and styles in his published writing, I couldn’t resist asking why he hops from one artistic endeavor to another. Geoffrey simply confessed that he gets bored doing the same thing repeatedly. Whether it’s poetry, novels, or even within the novel format itself, he strives to tell stories in fresh and innovative ways. The titles of his works, like Journal of Grievances and Post Celebrity, tease readers with their unconventional approaches, revealing his penchant for breaking creative boundaries.

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Before our delightful conversation came to an end, he divulged an exclusive scoop: his 13th book, The Autobiography of Ultra, is currently in the editing phase. This fictional rock star’s wild and crazy life is depicted in a profanity-free narrative, a challenge that Geoffrey accepted at his mother’s behest. He plans to release the book before the year’s end, enticing readers with yet another venture into his kaleidoscopic imagination.

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As our interview concluded, I couldn’t help but inquire about the coolest experiences Geoffrey has had due to his art. His face lit up with delight as he shared a few standout moments. One avid fan went so far as to tattoo one of his “abstract poems” onto their body, a testament to the indelible impact his art has on people. Furthermore, his paintings have found homes in collections across the United States, Australia, and soon, France. Notably, his art graces a private collection alongside masterpieces by Picasso and Salvador Dali. Most touching of all, Geoffrey has inspired countless individuals, igniting their creative spirits and reminding us all of the profound power of art.

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Geoffrey Dicker is an artist who effortlessly blends vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and boundless creativity. His Abstract Atmospheres paintings series invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of joy and possibility. With each stroke of his brush and every word he writes, Dicker’s passion shines through, leaving an indelible mark on those lucky enough to encounter his imaginative universe. So, go forth and seek out the vivacious artworks of Geoffrey Dicker, for they are sure to leave you enchanted and smiling.

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